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 Getting Involved In Our Community

Are you looking to help lead our community?
We are having the elections for the new Va'ad (governing board) coming up soon. We have Va'ad members stepping down and some open spots for you to step into.

We have once a month meetings, where we plan our Shabbat Gatherings, High Holy Days, our Shabbaton and Seder.

If you are interested please E-mail us: info@kenesethalev.org

If you would like to contribute your wonderful ideas or volunteer to help with a specific committee or event, please call or send us an E-mail (you don't have to be on the Va'ad to be on a committee).

The 5769 (2008-2009) Va'ad Members:
Shari Samuel President Shari@kenesethalev.org
Mike Levi Treasurer  
Jody S. Secretary Jody@kenesethalev.org
Robin, Laura, and Leila Webteam

 Va'ad (Community Council) Meeting Dates

Va'ad meetings are open to all.

We have no meetings scheduled until we have a new Va'ad.

 Subscribing to the Keneset HaLev - Community of the Heart E-list

Want updates on the latest KHL events? Sign up for our email list:
By subscribing to the Keneset HaLev E-list, you will receive E-mail reminders for our monthly Shabbat Gatherings and for other events we are sponsoring. Typically, we send out no more than one message per week, and no fewer than one message per month.

If you experience any difficulty subscribing or unsubscribing, please alert us: info@kenesethalev.org

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